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Mindfulness For Kids Online Resources

Below are some introductory resources in exploring mindfulness for kids. It can be helpful to create a mindfulness playlist on YouTube or to save the videos under 'watch later' so that your kids practice and get familiar with them. The three main areas to focus on when teaching a child mindfulness are:

  • the breath

  • the senses

  • the emotions.

Focusing on the breath is one of the simplest ways to practice mindfulness for both children and adults. Below are some videos exploring the breath for kids:

The Breath


This video is based on the book written by Christopher Willard, a psychologist and educational consultant specialising in mindfulness. The book explores fun and creative ways of breathing. Paying attention to your breath is one of the most simple ways to practice mindfulness and it can be an amazing tool to help kids to self-regulate their emotions. You can watch the video and demonstration here.

Breathe With Me

Based on the book by Miriam Gates, this video teaches kids different types of breathing techniques for different situations and it shows you how to practice them too. You can watch it here.

The Senses

There are loads of different ways to bring attention to the senses (if you would like a post on mindfulness games for the senses let me know in the comments or on Instagram). Mindful listening is a fun way to engage kids in practicing mindfulness . This video by Louise Shanagher is a mini mindfulness practice that focuses on listening. When you are consciously listening, you are practicing mindfulness.

Louise is a children’s therapist, mindfulness teacher and psychology lecturer. She has a range of resources available on her website here and on her YouTube Channel here. I am currently doing my Creative Mindfulness For Kids Training with her and she is a fantastic teacher and a pioneer in introducing mindfulness based practices to schools in Ireland.

The Emotions

Mindful Stories

‘Be Kind’ by Pat Zietlow Miller book reading on YouTube can be found here. Books are a fantastic way to explore mindfulness with kids. Asking questions like: what do you think this character was feeling at this moment can help a child to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. If you would like a full list of mindfulness books for kids, let me know.

Personal Practice

Your own mindfulness practice and awareness is the core to teaching kids mindfulness. Being kind to yourself and taking some time to practice meditation or mindfulness is one of the best ways to model mindfulness for your child. For simple, free guided meditations you can start here with a 2 minute guided body scan to help you get back into your body. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness feel free to get in contact about 1 on 1 sessions or group classes.

Kind Wishes


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