• Sophie O'Regan

Wildflower Hunt For Kids & Adults

As you might know, searching and photographing wildflowers is one of my favourite things to do. I started photography shooting flowers at Fota Gardens and it became a life long passion. With lockdown this year, I started going on more nature walk and finding flowers to shoot. I became fascinated learning about Irish plants and flowers - many of which I had never seen or noticed in my life.

I have made this Wildflower Hunt for you and your family to try and find each flower on the list. It is based on flowers I have seen recently in woodland areas in my locality. You might not find them all depending on where you live, but it is a wonderful activity to bring your attention to the present moment. You might even notice some other wildflowers or plants not on the list, or try this exercise again in few weeks and find new plants. You can tick them off as you find them or take a photograph and tag me at #thequietcreativewildflowers as I would love to see them.

This website might be helpful in identifying flowers and plants you find on your walk: . I am very much still learning about and finding new wildflowers and use this resource a lot.

You can download the PDF here and print it, or download it to your phone and screenshot it to bring it on your walk with you.

Download PDF • 7.04MB

*Please be careful when doing this activity of nettles and other dangerous plants.

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