About Sophie

I'm Sophie O'Regan and I am a photographer and mindfulness teacher. I took up photography when my mental health was poor in my early twenties and it became one of my favourite things to do. Looking for something beautiful to photograph helped me to focus on the positive and find beauty in the world. I made cards with my photos and used to sell them at Cobh Farmers Market.

I took a break for a few years and after getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 25 I started spending more and more time in nature again. I started making cards again and set up The Quiet Creative just over a year ago. I have been blown away by the support.

I trained as a mindfulness teacher last year and would love to combine photography and mindfulness in the future. Nature photography has had such a positive impact on my mental health that I would love to share that with others. For more information on mindfulness click here

I am a trained massage therapist and yoga teacher and have a degree in Web Development. I love learning and am always jumping from course to course. Holistic health is really important to me and expressing creativity helps me to manage both my mental and physical health.